The Magical Story of the Orca Journal

Once upon a time a lovely friend of mine commissioned a hand made journal for her friend’s baby shower.

She asked me to paint an Orca on the cover in calm sea tones.

I lovingly painted and bound the journal and filled it with ocean feeling pages and papers from my stash.

This was only the beginning of the Orca Journal story.

The true magic came when I gave the journal to my friend. She then called upon all the people who would normally have gathered to celebrate the birth of her friend’s baby before COVID times.

She asked them to send their love and thoughts and wishes to her. My gorgeous friend then gathered all of these beautiful memories and wishes for the new mamma and baby and painstakingly glued and pasted them into the Orca Journal.

The Orca Journal finally arrived in the hands of the new mamma. She was overwhelmed with all of the love that spilled out from the Orca Journal into her world.

I am so blessed to have had a part in the gorgeous baby and mamma’s beautiful welcome to their life together. 

Love and light,

Zinnia 💜

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