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Feather Meditation Box πŸͺΆ πŸ’œ

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πŸ’œ Gorgeous Feather Meditation Box πŸ’œ

This 4.5 x 5 inch meditation box has been lovingly hand painted for you.

Bring this delightful meditation box with you wherever you are called.

Find peace in a nook of your home, by a river, by the ocean, in the forest, or a nearby vacant lot...wherever you feel called to drop in.

This hand painted Feather Meditation box includes:

- you πŸ’œ

- a hand painted butterfly πŸ¦‹

- a hand painted book of matches

- a poem to hold and guide you (please request a different poem if you would prefer)

- a beeswax candle 🐝

- an affirmation card

- love πŸ’œ

I truly hope that this Feather Meditation Box will help you access what you need.

Your πŸͺΆ Feather Box πŸͺΆ Β will be packaged and shipped with so much love.


Zinnia πŸ’œ